Getting Started with Udon

Learn how to get set up to create Udon-powered Worlds in VRChat.

If you don't know what Udon is, read What is Udon first.

Here are all the steps to getting start with Udon, as covered in the video above.

  1. Visit The VRChat Download Page.

  2. Create a VRChat Account if you don't have one yet.

  3. Download the SDK.

  4. Install Unity Hub and current VRChat-compatible version if you don't have them yet. Check the Android Support box when installing Unity so you can make Quest-compatible worlds. Check the current VRChat compatible version on this page

  5. Install VRChat if you don't have it yet.

  6. Start a new Unity Project.

  7. Import the SDK.

  8. Check out the Readme in Assets/VRChatExamples

What’s Next

Learn more about the elements of the Graph below.

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