Scene Components



Many of these components are SDK2-only, and are therefore deprecated! They will no longer receive updates.

We strongly suggest creators migrate to SDK3 and Udon as soon as possible.

Some of these components may not be usable in a given SDK version. Please consult Whitelisted World Components for a full list.

VRC_SceneDescriptorRequired and used to describe a VRChat world, one per scene.
VRC_AvatarPedestalUsed to display and / or switch to an avatar.
VRC_MirrorCameraUsed render the mirror only layers on a camera. SDK2 only. Deprecated.
VRC_MirrorReflectionUsed to created a mirror in VRChat.
VRC_PortalMarkerUsed to create permanent portals to other VRChat worlds.
VRC_CustomRendererBehaviourUsed to apply custom renderer behaviours to an object. SDK2 only. Deprecated.
VRC_StationUsed to allow users to sit down, often used in combination with a VRC_Trigger.
VRC_TriggerUsed to create interactions and events in VRChat. SDK2 only. Deprecated.
VRC_EventHandlerUsed to synchronize events. Automatically added by VRC_Trigger. Do not add directly. SDK2 only. Deprecated.
VRC_PlayerAudioOverrideUsed to create a region in a world where user voice volume and falloff can be adjusted. SDK2 only. Deprecated. Use Udon Player Audio instead.
VRC_SpatialAudioSourceUsed to add 3D spatialization to a Unity AudioSource. Usually automatically added when an AudioSource is generated in editor.