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Testing a Scene

To test a scene you've created in Unity in VRChat, you need to first log in with your VRChat account by going to the VRChat Menu and then selecting VRChat SDK > Show Control Panel > Authentication. Once you're logged in, go to the Settings tab to make sure your Installed Client Path is correct and pointing to VRChat.exe.

Now go to VRChat SDK > Show Control Panel > Builder. If it asks you to add a scene descriptor go to Assets > VRCSDK > Prefabs > World, drag VRCWorld into your scene, and place in the location where you want the player to spawn.

In the Builder tab there are 2 options. To test your world in VRChat locally without uploading what you want to select is Build & Test in the Offline Testing section.
Once you click this button Unity will build a VRChat version of your scene and then launch VRChat and load your world.

Testing an Avatar

There is currently no way to test an Avatar locally. To test an Avatar, upload it to your account and select it as avatar in-app.

Updated 2 months ago

Testing Content

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