Required and used to describe a VRChat world, one per scene.




An array of transforms used as reference for spawn points of the world

Spawn Order

Order in which spawn locations should be used, options include:

  • First - Always use the first spawn
    Sequential - In the order that spawns are listed
  • Random - Spawns users in randomly
  • Demo - The spawn point represents the center of your room scale meaning e.g. If you're a meter away from the center of your room scale, you spawn a meter away from the spawn

Spawn Orientation

Orientation the user will be spawned in at, options include:

  • Default - The VRChat Default spawn setting (Currently Align Player With Spawn Point)
  • Align Player With Spawn Point - Aligns player with the rotation of the spawn transform
  • Align Room With Spawn Point - Aligns players room scale to be centered on spawn point

Reference Camera

Settings from this camera are applied to users in the room. Can be object in scene or prefab

Respawn Height -Y

Height in which players respawn and pickups are respawned or destroyed

Object Behaviour At Respawn

What should pickups do when they fall out of the world, options include:
Destroy - Delete the pickup
Respawn - Respawn the pickup to the location it started at

Forbid Free Modification

If true, non-sync'd objects can't be manipulated by non-master

Forbid User Portals

Prevent users from opening portals from the world menu

User Custom Voice Falloff Range

Enabled the next couple options which control the voice falloff range

Voice Falloff Near

The distance where users voices start reducing in volume

Voice Falloff Far

The distance where users voices become inaudible

Unity Version

Unity version being used, you should never need to touch this

Dynamic Prefabs

An array of prefabs that can be dynamically spawned at runtime. Any prefab that isn't referenced in the scene but needs to be spawned should be listed here.

Dynamic Materials

An array of materials that can be dynamically changed at runtime. Any material that isn't referenced in scene but needs to be set to an object should be listed here.

Any changes the user makes to the size/array will get overwritten on export by the auto-generated list each time.

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