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Used to allow users to sit down. Example can be found in the SDK as VRCChair.

This component can also be used on avatars to create seats on avatars!

VRCSDK3 + Udon

Documentation pending!




Player Mobility

Should the player be able to move, options include:
Mobile - Allow users to move when seated in station
Immobilize - Prevents user from moving
Immobilize For Vehicle - Same as Immobilized but optimized for moving stations

Can Use Station From Station

If the user can switch stations when sitting in a station

Animation Controller (optional)

Used to override normal seating animations with a custom one

Disable Station Exit

If the user cannot exit the station by usual means, use triggers to unseat the user


Is this a station that the user should be sitting in? If true some optimizations will be done to make seated avatars look better.

Station Enter Player Location

Transform used to define where the user should be transported to when seated

Station Exit Player Location

Transform used to define where the user should be transported to when they are unseated

Controls Object

This is used for having a station where you can control an object, such as vehicles.

Triggers available when on the same game object.




When you enter the station


When you exit the station

Actions available via Triggers




Uses the station


Exits the station

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