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Used to display a website on a mesh.


Feature Removed

This feature has been removed. It may return at a later date once a suitable replacement has been developed.

See this Blog post for more information.



Do not use VRC_WebPanel to play videos.



Video elements and iFrames will be removed from pages that you load. If you want to play video, please use VRC_SyncVideoPlayer instead. If you want to play a stream, please use VRC_SyncVideoStream.

This feature is partially deprecated and may not function properly with more complex setups. Use at your own risk.


  • Audio Source


  • Mesh Render with material of some kind
  • ONSP Audio Source
  • VRC_EventHandler



Show Help

If true, shows help on how to use the VRC_WebPanel component

Proximity for Interactivity

How close you need to be to interact with the web panel

Path To Web Content

Start URI

Start URI for the web panel to go to when it is first loaded

Enable Cookies

Controls if web cookies are enabled

Is Interactive

Controls if users can interact with the web panel

Only Visible Locally

Synchronize URI

Sync the web panels URI between users (requires VRC_EventHandler)

Synchronize Mouse Position

Sync the web panels mouse position between users (requires VRC_EventHandler)

Transparent Background

Interaction Station

Mouse Cursor Object

Resolution Width

The resolution of the web panel's width; does not control the size of the panel

Resolution Height

The resolution of the web panel's height; does not control the size of the panel

Display Region

Allows you to only show a region of the web panel screen

Duplicate Screens

An array of materials you can use to duplicate the web panel to multiple locations

RPC's are available via the SendRPC action


Valid Targets




Go forward one page



Go backward one page



Reload the current page

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