VRChat 0.11.6

March 6, 2017



  • Users can now select each other directly to interact
  • Users must unmute others to hear them
  • Nameplates now show who can hear you, who you can hear, and also show your friends
  • Added safe search youtube wall
  • Users can adjust their microphone volume in the shortcut menu
  • Gain adjustment automatically quiets users with loud microphones
  • Users have personal space, which prevents other avatars from being drawn when they are too close. This can be turned off in system
  • Voice chat uses less bandwidth
  • Nearby users no longer shown in the shortcut menu. This space is now reserved for notifications
  • Menu for desktop users has been reduced in size and moved out of the way to make it less intrusive
  • Web VRChat links now work with steam build


  • Users cannot block themselves!
  • Objects do not float if a user disconnects while holding them
  • More fixes for situations where users could not hear each other
  • Players can no longer set their height to zero and break their avatars

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