VRChat 0.12.0p12

February 2, 2018



  • New Instance Type: Invite
    • Very private. Owner can accept invite requests and send invites. Occupants get notifications that others want into the instance.
  • New Instance Type: Invite+
    • Somewhat private. Owner and any occupants can accept invite requests.
  • Friends list is now sorted alphabetically
  • User lists on the social page are now expandable
  • The small Red Arrows that allow expanding of rows in menus have been replaced with Expand and - Collapse buttons
  • You can now join friends in Friend instances if the owner is also your friend


  • Object owner disagreement between clients has been fixed. This was causing pickups to fly around worlds
  • Fixed notifications showing up blank in some cases
  • The forced audio source falloff curve in the SDK has been fixed

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