VRChat 0.12.0p15

February 28, 2018



  • Vive Movement Tweaks
  • Pressing the trackpad down a second (or subsequent times) will no longer stop your movement. Lift your thumb from the pad to stop movement.
  • Center deadzone is slightly larger to help with fist gesture
  • New World Row
  • When a world is graduated up to either the Avatar or Community Spotlight row it should no longer appear in the new world row.


  • Issues with failing to login with a “SendHMDAnalytics” or “TooManyRequests” message have been fixed
  • Fixed Panic Mode hotkey on Xbox controllers, keyboard
  • Avatars should no longer “squish” down into their seats over time when seated
  • Various security and stability fixes

If you are having issues as if your account is missing, please contact [email protected] with your VRChat username from the email address you registered your account under.

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