VRChat 0.12.0p4

January 6, 2018



  • Non-Steam account email addresses must be verified to login to client. You can resend your verification or update your email address from www.vrchat.com/home/profile
  • Adjusted falloff distance for Avatar Audio Sources, it should now match voice falloff distance more closely
  • Avatar pedestals now show avatar image instead of avatar model (turns out downloading all avatars in avatar worlds are inflating our server bills. Hope everyone understands. May make it an optional setting in the future)
  • Many VRChat worlds (HUB, Bowling, etc) now come bundled with client and load without a download (won’t go live until a few days after patch)


  • Fixed issue that caused videopanel to play error video when videopanel loaded without video playing
  • Fixed issue where portals to private worlds split up people into their own instances
  • Fixed an error that could cause destroying of objects to reduce framerate significantly in games such as CTF
  • Fixed issue where doing an emote with a non-humanoid avatar caused you to no longer be able to move
  • Fixed issue where voice chat audio was heard from incorrect locations for remote players (if you are experiencing this, it’s because your avatar is doing something weird with audio source)

Known Issues

  • Unblocking users can result in them not being unblocked correctly, restarting client fixes it and lets you and unblocker see each other again

SDK v2018.


  • Fixed issues where some users were unable to upload content

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