VRChat 2018.1.2




  • Cameras v2

        - The camera and lens now have new models! The lens is much more camera-like now, and it is easier to recognize when you are in the spotlight. The buttons now have icons, and also let you see if the camera is oriented correctly. There’s been a lot of changes, so let’s cover the whole feature set once again
        - Filters - There are now a ton of filters available for both the Photo and Stream Camera
            - Old Timey - Doesn’t look like anything to me
            - Pixelate - VRChat now for the PS1
            - Glitch - Glitch, download!
            - Code - You get used to it, I don’t even see the code
            - Sparkles - Mahou shoujo Unity-chan
            - Hypno - When I snap my fingers, you’ll atlas your textures
            - Trippy - You ever seen the back of a 20 dollar bill… on VRChat?
            - Green Screen - Since you can’t buy a big green bed sheet for VR. Useful for videos and streaming!
            - Alpha Transparent - For photoshopping yourself into the group photos. Also good for streaming!
            - Blueprint - This is just a draft
            - Drawing - VRChat Coloring Book
        - Lens Movement Space - You can now set the lens to operate in one of three “movement spaces”
            - Normal - The lens is attached to the camera
            - Player Space - The lens moves with relation to the player. Useful for a secondary view in your stream
            - World Space - The lens locks to a position in the world
        - Lens Movement Behavior - You can change how the lens behaves regarding movement and rotation
            - Normal - The lens is stationary and remains where you place it
            - Steady Cam - The lens attempts to smooth out movement
            - Look at Me - The lens is always oriented toward your head
        - Pins - You can save up to three configurations for either the Photo or Stream Camera using Pins. These configurations save Filter, Lens Movement Space, and Lens Movement Behavior. These settings save until you restart VRChat
        - Timer - Sets a five-second timer with sound feedback, then takes an image (works with either camera)
        - Extender Stick - Extends the grab range of the camera from 1 meter to 2 meters. Don’t try to grab it directly, point toward the camera!
        - Photo Camera - Pulling the trigger on your controller while holding the camera takes a picture and saves it to your Pictures directory in Windows, under a folder called VRChat
        - Stream Camera - Mirrors what is in your camera’s view to your Desktop monitor for easy stream/recording capture. Using the Green Screen or Alpha Transparency filters with recording software allows for easy “facecam” or “Picture in Picture” on your video. Pulling the trigger on your controller while holding the camera toggles between the Pin you are on, and the last Pin you were using. 
  • Menu-on-top - Your menus now render on top of everything else, and the menu has priority for selection when obstructed by objects or players in the world

  • Mute Avatar Sounds - If you mute a user, the sounds on their avatar will also be muted


  • 2018.1.1 enabled a feature to convert shaders on non-friends to Standard with Ctrl-F. This feature is not complete or ready for release, so it has been removed
  • Fixes to avatar clones so that mirrors and cameras display your avatar properly
  • Nameplates over cameras are now disabled if you have player nameplates disabled
  • Blocking and muting now work as expected
  • Voice System has had a few bugs worked out, still in progress
  • Teleporting or loading into a world will no longer preserve your previous rotation vector and will instead match the spawn location transform rotation as intended
  • Stations on avatars have been disabled. This was a planned feature released mistakenly. It will return, but the feature requires some more work and design to avoid abuse and improve user control. See Developer Update for more info
  • Buttonless Gaze option removed from System Menu
  • Performance issues related to cameras fixed
  • General performance improvements
  • General security improvements


  • If you leave your Lens in World Space mode and change worlds, your Lens will still be at the same world coordinates, which may not make sense in the new world
  • If a user blocks and/or mutes a user in a room and then unblocks/unmutes them in that same room, upon moving to another room with that user they are still blocked/muted and need to be unblocked/unmuted again. In other words, don’t mute or block someone unless you actually want to block or mute them
  • Camera Extender Stick is still pretty hard to grab (point your hand towards the camera to grab more easily)
  • Buttons on the camera can be difficult to select. Hold the camera with one hand, and choose buttons with the other

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