VRChat 2018.1.3

May 29, 2018



  • Recent Worlds: You'll find a new row in your Worlds tab called Recent Worlds. It lists the worlds you've been in recently! The history goes back a month, and will not list private worlds.
    • You can also use the most recent world in your Recent Worlds list to easily access your current world. From there, you can see the author, favorite the world, or make it your new Home!
  • Favorite Worlds: You can now Favorite up to 20 Worlds, which will show up as a new row in your Worlds tab. Find the Favorite button next to the "Make Home" button for a World.
  • Invert Mouse option: For all those flightsim enthusiasts
  • Various security fixes


  • Fixed VRC_SyncVideoPlayer freeze when loading in with too many video urls being parsed at once
  • Fixed an issue with VRC_SyncVideoPlayer pausing if you're alone in a room
  • Fix to Clear RPC for VRC_SyncVideoPlayer
  • Fix to AddURL RPC for VRC_SyncVideoPlayer



  • Added OnVideoStart, OnVideoEnd, OnVideoPlay and OnVideoPause triggers for use with VRC_SyncVideoPlayer

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