VRChat 2018.2.1

June 12, 2018



  • Many safety and security fixes have been implemented
  • Favorite Worlds: There's now a limit of 32 worlds for Favorite Worlds, up from 20



  • The SDK now has a Splash Screen that details the latest changes, added features, and notes that opens when you open a Unity Project with the SDK imported (this can be disabled)
  • Improved Drag and Drop support in Trigger Reference fields
  • New Triggers and Actions added
    • OnOwnershipTransfer - Used to detect when the ownership of an ObjectSync object ha changed
    • OnDisable (like OnEnable) - Fires when a game object is disabled
    • PlayHaptics - Used to play haptics in a Touch or Vive controller. Must be used with VRC_Pickup
    • SetUIText - Used to set the text of a UIText component
    • SetAngularVelocity - Used with a rigidbody to set it's angular velocity
    • AddVelocity - Used with a rigidbody to add to its velocity
    • SetVelocity - Used with a rigidbody to set its velocity
    • AddForce - Used with a rigidbody to add force
  • New Midi Device Triggers
    • VRC_MidiNoteIn - Play a virtual piano with a real piano keyboard! Fires when a Note message is received on a MIDI device. You can select NoteOn or NoteOff and which Channel.
    • VRC_OscButtonIn - Control your world with a phone or tablet! Fires when an OSC message is received at a specific address. You can specify whether to trigger on Button On (1) or Off (0)

VRChat attempts to connect to all available MIDI devices.
VRChat attempts to receive OSC messages on port 9000.


  • All trigger actions' target object field now defaults to the local gameobject


  • BufferOne support added to several actions: SetLayer, SetWebpanelVolume, AddHealth, AddDamage, SetComponentActive, SetMaterial, ActivateCustomTrigger
  • Fixed SetKinematic, SetGravity trigger actions

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