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VRChat 2018.2.2

June 26, 2018



  • We now support the use of the VRC_SyncVideoStream component for playing Twitch and YouTube Live streams! See the documentation on this feature here.
  • There is now a mouse sensitivity slider for Desktop users! Find it in the System menu
  • The particle limiter has been re-implemented, but it is now an optional, beta system that a user must enable. Settings for this system are tweakable per-user. You can enable the system and change these settings for yourself in a file saved in the same directory that the output logs are saved. See a guide on the recommended limits and how to set your own limits here. To reiterate, this system is not enabled by default and must be enabled by creating the configuration file.


  • VRChat will now display the file size of worlds on the World's icon in the top left
  • If VRChat detects that you are using an AMD card with drivers installed known to have issues with some community-created shaders, it will inform you that you need to update


  • Many bugs fixed related to performance/error reporting
  • Even more Safety and Security fixes


  • SyncVideoStream audio may sometimes play to the wrong Windows Mixer channel. If this occurs, VRChat will mute the audio to avoid overly loud volume. If you have no audio, check your Windows Audio Mixer for an extra channel. You may have to restart VRChat to fix this issue.
  • SyncVideoStream has some issues playing videos in Normal mode (as in, non-live static videos). This feature is still being worked on, so we strongly suggest that you check out VRC_SyncVideoPlayer for use with static videos.




  • New triggers added to Example-Triggers.unity included with the SDK
  • New actions added to Example-Actions.unity included with the SDK


  • VRCWorld prefab had the UpdateTimeInMS set to 10ms even though the slider value in inspector is capped to 33ms as minimum value. The default is now set to 33ms.