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VRChat 2018.2.3

August 23, 2018



  • You might have noticed that we've released a new Hub! Our art team has put a lot of hard work into it, and it was been designed as a meeting place for groups before you go out adventuring through the metaverse. Take some time to explore, put on a monocle and moustache, and relax in the park.
  • You can now bookmark friends into groups in your Social panel! These bookmark groups store friends that you assign, so you can access them quickly. Assign friends to bookmark groups to keep track of your social circles.
    • To add a friend to a bookmark group, click the "Favorite" button on their social details screen and choose which group to add them to.
    • Select the button next to the bookmark group's row to rename that bookmark group
    • To remove a friend from a bookmark group, go to their social details screen and click "Unfavorite"
    • You can have up to 32 friends in each bookmark group
    • You can have up to 3 bookmark groups (for a total of 96 friends across all bookmarks)
  • You can now set your Status! Your Status is a message which allows you to inform users with a short custom message of what you're up to, as well as a status icon that allows you to customize how you receive invite requests. In a private world, but you're accepting invites? You can choose to auto-accept invite requests. Don't want any invite requests? You can set yourself to "Busy". Find the Status UI in top left of the Social tab.
    • Click inside the field to type your custom Status message. You can also set a Status type:
      • Join Me (blue) - Auto-accepts any invite requests
      • Active (green) - Any invite requests will have to be manually accepted (this is the previous behavior)
      • Busy (dark red) - Hides all notifications


  • The "Request Invite" notification when you're not the owner of an instance now has a "Decline" button
  • VRChat's output log is now located in %AppData%\..\LocalLow\VRChat\vrchat and is named output_log.txt
  • VRChat's configuration file (at the moment only used for the Avatar Particle System Limits system) is now located in %AppData%\..\LocalLow\VRChat\vrchat and is named config.json
  • VRChat's output log format has been greatly improved and is much more readable


  • Performance fixes related to how we handle networking for events, objects, and users
  • Eye tracking should now work properly again when using full-body IK. Thanks for the Canny report, Gallium!
  • Mutes and blocks have been fixed so they aren't "sticky" and won't persist after you've unmuted/unblocked the user and swapped worlds
  • Your currently online Friends list will now paginate properly and show all of your online friends
  • Significantly reduced the occurrence of the level-wide "hitch" when your client loads an avatar
  • Fixed a small graphical issue with the World Loading screen
  • Safety and Security fixes and improvements. For security purposes specifics of these changes are not provided

Known Issues

  • Avatars may appear to take a bit longer to load (but will cause less frame drops as a result)


Find all these new features at the VRChat Home website: https://vrchat.com/home


  • You can now view a list of friends and see if they're online, offline, or in a private world!
  • You can click to join a friend directly in the world they're currently in
  • You can search for worlds, find them, and join instances right from the website.
  • You can now view the list of your worlds, featured worlds, popular worlds, avatar worlds, and spotlight worlds


  • Documentation at docs.vrchat.com have been revamped and updated across most articles



  • The default "Max Anti Aliasing" value on the Mirror prefab has been changed from 8 to 1. Thanks for the Canny report, Mimi!