VRChat 2018.3.1

September 4, 2018



  • Added some new loading screens with new music, a more descriptive loading bar, and some helpful tips for your time in VRChat
  • Desktop users now have a reticle in the middle of the screen to help show what they're pointing at. This reticle can be toggled off in the System menu, and will hide when you press Ctrl-H to hide the other UI elements
  • Desktop users can now toggle crouching with the "C" key and go prone with the "Z" key


  • Active Worlds now also shows at the bottom of your Social menu
  • Avatar Worlds now also shows in the bottom of your Avatars menu
  • Active Worlds now show at the top of the World tab, instead of the Featured Worlds


  • When nameplates are off, users who are muted retain their muted status
  • Fixed an issue that would result in users getting a black screen on world load
  • Fixed an issue where if you had both the old vrchat;config.json and the new config.json, VRChat would hang indefinitely
  • Fixed an issue where the damage graphic might persist between worlds
  • Fixed several issues that resulted in users getting disconnected



  • Mirror Default Maximum Anti-aliasing now actually set to 1 instead of 8

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