VRChat 2018.3.3

October 16, 2018



  • All of the emoji in the Quick Menu have been redone! In addition to changing the graphics, we've added two more pages worth of emoji, and added effects to some of them. We also threw in some Halloween emoji for good measure!
  • You can now view more details about a world in the world page, including:
    • The world's author. You can click on the author's name to access their social page
    • The world's file size
    • The number of people in public and private instances
    • The description of the world (as set when uploading the world)
  • You can now click on the "You are in this world" top of the Worlds tab to view details of the world you're in
  • Added two new world rows
    • Games - These worlds are interactive games you can play with other people!
    • Halloween - These are Halloween worlds that might be a tad bit spooky. They may also remind you that you have a skeleton inside you right now


  • You can now view a user's Trust Rank in their social page
  • Tuned desktop mode crouching a bit
  • Moved the "Exit VRChat" button in the settings menu so you don't accidentally click it while adjusting nearby settings
  • Changed the image used when loading thumbnails so that overlaid text is more readable
  • Removed in client account registration in favor of website registration
  • Loading screen elements are now mirrored both in front and behind you
  • Updated messages received when Warned or Kicked to be more concise and less severe-sounding
  • Updated video player components
  • Added a small sound effect when you select items in the menu/quick menu


  • Safety and security fixes
  • Fixed some strange behavior when sitting before your avatar has loaded, and sitting while changing Safety settings
  • Normal maps are now preserved when Standard falls back to Standard during shader blocking
  • Quick Menu laser is no longer blocked by the notification row if there are no notifications
  • Idle animation for other users now plays at the proper speed

Known Issues

  • Private instance count in world description is sometimes wrong



  • The SDK now forces you to setup layers instead of simply asking you to do so when uploading a world

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