VRChat 2018.4.1

6 November 2018



  • You can now upgrade a Steam account into a VRChat account, or merge a Steam account into a pre-existing VRChat account! You can find the button to Upgrade Account in your Settings menu, in the bottom right. You will only see this button if you are logged into a Steam account. Follow the steps as you're prompted
    • If you already have a VRChat account, you will be prompted to "merge" your Steam account into your VRChat account
    • If you do not already have a VRChat account, you will be prompted to make a new VRChat account, and then merge your Steam account into the new VRChat account
    • The merge process can take up to an hour, so keep that in mind
    • Merging or upgrading a Steam account into a VRChat account will carry over all your friends, your favorites, and your groups into your new or pre-existing VRChat account
    • You will retain the name of your VRChat account when you merge
    • Merging or upgrading an account is irreversible, so ensure you're merging or upgrading into the correct VRChat account. Once an account is merged or upgraded, it cannot be undone.
  • The UI has received a visual overhaul! Although functionality remains the same, the UI has been changed in numerous places for visual consistency.
  • Worlds can now have up to five "tags". Tags make it easier for users to find a world. Example tags might include "game", "avatars", or "hangout"
    • You can search for Tags in the Worlds search interface by searching for a term, then changing the "Search In" button to "Tags" instead of "Title".
  • Users can now Report worlds for various issues. Find the Report button on the World Details tab.


  • Safety and Security fixes
  • Performance fixes, including a more performant Voice Chat

Website and Account


  • When your email address on your VRChat account has been changed, you will receive an email notification to your old email address



  • You can now add up to five "tags" when uploading a world

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