VRChat 2018.4.2

November 20, 2018



  • We've added User Reporting. You can find the "Report User" button under the "Favorite User" button in the Social menu. This allows you to report users for issues with behavior, the user's avatar, text (such as their name or status), or the thumbnail image for their avatar. This works very similarly to World Reporting. If you have urgent issues or something that doesn't match any of the report reasons, please continue to contact [email protected] with reports


  • Updated bundled content for faster load times of popular worlds
  • When looking at someone's Social panel, Public worlds that they've authored are now visible even if you aren't friends with them
  • Added background to friend request popup


  • Safety and Security fixes

Website and Account


  • You can now change your own name on the VRChat Home site! Check out our Knowledgebase article for more details.



  • SDK camera adheres properly to FoV set on SDK camera

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