VRChat 2018.4.3

Open Beta - December 4, 2018 | Release - December 11, 2018


Unity 2017 Upgrade

  • VRChat has upgraded to Unity 2017.4.15f1. Please read our Blog Post on the subject to learn more.
  • Check out our documentation on Migrating from 5.6 to 2017.4 for a full guide on installing 2017.4.15f1 and migrating your projects.
  • You must re-upload your worlds if:
    • You have baked lighting in the world and left the lights enabled, otherwise the lights will revert to "Mixed" lighting, hurting performance
    • You have a mirror in the world, otherwise the mirror will behave strangely
    • You use Realtime GI (Global Illumination) in your world, otherwise it will not work
    • You have animations in the world that affect GameObject rotation, otherwise the rotations will behave incorrectly
    • You have used Crunch Compression on textures in your world, otherwise the textures will not decompress/display properly
  • You must re-upload your avatars if:
    • You have animations on your avatar that affect GameObject rotation, otherwise the rotations will behave incorrectly
    • You have used Crunch Compression on textures on your avatar, otherwise the textures will not decompress/display properly


  • Support for Unity Store assets that require Unity 2017.4 (as a reminder, we do not support assets that require C# scripting)
  • There are many new features in Unity 2017-- far more than we can list here. The Blog Post has a link to a doc we've created that lists many of the new features available. Not everything new in Unity 2017 is available in VRChat just yet, but a lot of it is-- experiment, play around, and let us know how things work on our Canny


  • IMPORTANT: If your CPU is lower than our minimum requirements (Intel i5-4590/AMD FX 8350 or equivalent), you may experience crashes. This is because your CPU does not support the AVX instruction extensions, which are required for usage in VRChat.
  • "New" World Row is now sorted by Creation date rather than Modified date
  • "Recently Updated" World Row added, which is sorted by Last Modified (same as 2018.4.2)
  • Updated SteamVR SDK
  • Updated Oculus SDKs (LipSync, Spatializer)
  • We now support the Post Processing v2 stack. You must download the version here
  • Disabled the microphone switcher in-app until mic switching has been fixed


  • VRC_SyncVideoPlayer and VRC_SyncVideoStream no longer have audio/video desync over time tied to CPU load
  • Users will no longer crash when viewing an avatar with a disabled Cloth object
  • Turning your view is no longer tied to framerate and should feel consistent no matter your current performance level
  • Users will now spawn directly on World Spawns rather than offset based on their position in their playspace
  • You can now un-Favorite Worlds that have been removed and show up as "???"
  • Improved app behavior on disconnect/reconnect cycle
  • Fixed user info not displaying properly when they are in an Invite+ instance
  • Fixed bug in physics update time, which was causing unnecessary jitter on objects

Known Issues

Upgrading from 5.6 to 2017.4 carried a few bugs forward for us. Our primary focus was getting Unity 2017 live and working for users. We're working on all of these issues for soon-to-come releases.

  • You cannot change your microphone device from within VRChat. Workaround: Set your Default Recording and Communication Device in Windows before launching VRChat. If you wish to change your microphone while VRChat is still running, you have to disable the "old" microphone device that you're swapping from. This will be addressed in a future patch (this is a Unity bug)
  • Toggling sitting or standing mode will rotate you based on your controller's orientation, not your head
  • Haptics are stronger than they should be
  • Putting hands in mirrors results in your hand coming back out
  • Rarely, voice gets louder then quiets back down for the next clip spoken
  • Hand gestures locked in open palm in desktop mode
  • VRC_Stations with inclined/angled transforms do not adjust camera as expected
  • If you have 50 or more avatars, your Personal avatar row may sometimes disappear (fix by closing/reopening menu)
  • VRChat sometimes freezes upon closing
  • SteamVR detects game pads as a FBT trackers and puts you into calibration mode. Work around this by checking your SteamVR before launching VRChat, and if you see an additional controller, unplug it
  • Horizontal mouse movement can hitch occasionally when moving very slowly

Website and Account


  • You can now edit many of your world's properties from the website! You can change things like your world's name, your description, or your tags. We will be moving most of the world management away from the SDK and toward the website over time.
  • You can now add a YouTube trailer for your world! This trailer will be displayed in our new World Link format that we'll be updating soon.



  • Updated for Unity 2017.4.15f1

Known Issues

  • The SDK will complain about being on the incorrect version. You can safely ignore this.

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