VRChat 2019.1.1

7 Feb 2019



  • World filesize now shows with two decimal places, and displays with the appropriate unit
  • When a user is online in a private world, the user's world image now reflects this instead of never loading
  • Output logs will now be tagged with a timestamp, and will retain when restarting VRChat. Any log greater than a day old will be deleted
  • Updated video helper binaries


  • Safety, security, and networking fixes
  • Fixed various issues with Playlists
  • When you add or remove a favorite friend, your groups and friends list should now update as expected
  • Fixed an issue where users had to restart the client in order to get a new world version
  • Some fixes to fallback shaders to prevent unwanted behaviour with post-processing
  • Some fixes to the "Blue Man" loading avatar that were causing visual issues in worlds with post-processing
  • Fixed an issue that prevented users with very high ping from connecting to VRChat
  • The keyboard now properly respects input from the physical keyboard no matter what IME is being used
  • Issues with IK evaluation order that caused problems with components like VRC_IKFollower have been fixed
  • Avatars should no longer appear prone remotely after spawning
  • Fixed some issues with VRChat eye tracking/eye look
  • Fixed some issues with voice that would cause loss of quality in various situations



  • Content Manager now behaves better when resizing the window and scales the contents appropriately

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