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VRChat 2019.1.2

26 Feb 2019



  • We've added a fourth Playlist! You can now save a grand total of 128 worlds to go back to later, or share them with friends


  • The Link Launcher helper application (the dialog box that pops up after exiting VRChat) now has an option that tells it not to ask you again. If you want to run it again, find it in your VRChat installation directory
  • Updated video helper binaries


  • Safety and security fixes
  • Fixed some World rows that weren't showing up properly
  • Interactable highlight has had several optimizations
  • Mirrors now use ARGBHalf textures so that they properly capture HDR values
  • Mirror disable/enable behavior has been slightly optimized. Enabling a mirror after the first enable/disable cycle should hitch less
  • Some fixes to the UI cursor's raycast to improve behavior

Updated 2 months ago

VRChat 2019.1.2

26 Feb 2019

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