VRChat 2019.1.4

Build 735 - 26 March 2019



  • You can now limit the number of Dynamic Bones and Colliders shown on avatars (or disallow them completely). Read more about our Avatar Dynamic Bone Limit system in our docs
    • Access the setting in the Safety Tab, using the "Performance Options" button in the top right of the window
    • This system defaults to the "On" state
    • The default limit values are 32 Dynamic Bone Transforms and 8 Dynamic Bone Collider Checks
      • These values were chosen to match up with the Medium Performance Rank. See our Avatar Performance Ranking System docs for details on what precisely these values mean
    • You can change your limits to fit your needs (or disable Dynamic Bones completely) by editing the configuration file. Read the docs to learn how


  • Updated video helper binaries
  • As long as you've opted into Community Labs at least once, you can now Search for Community Labs worlds
  • Significant changes to how Notifications work which should provide quicker response times. If you're interested in a bit of tech chatter, read more about these changes in our blog post.


  • Safety and security fixes
  • Some optimizations regarding mirror VRAM allocation
  • Fixed some headsets having oddly offset object selection highlights

Known Issue

  • Small graphical issue with some of the icons in the Safety menu



  • Some additional tooltips in VRC_Mirror inspector for clarity
  • Added a field for a custom shader on mirrors, allowing the mirror shader to be overridden without the need to swap materials using an animator
  • Added a drop-down option for mirrors allowing for the setting of lower fixed resolutions

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