VRChat 2019.2.1

10 April 2019



  • Updated video playback handler binaries
  • "Community Spotlight" has been renamed "Spotlight" and its location has changed slightly in the Worlds tab
  • "Avatar Worlds" row is now a randomly sorted list of recently updated Avatar Worlds
  • VRChat on Steam will now automatically install the 2010 Visual C++ Redistributable, as some of our components depend on it. Reported via Canny


  • Safety and Security fixes
  • Fixed several VRC_Trigger issues:
    • Fixed OnEnable no longer working. Reported via Canny
    • Fixed buffered triggers failing to buffer properly. Reported via Canny
    • Fixed deferred triggers breaking execution order. Reported via Canny
    • Fixed OnTimer trigger issues. Reported via Canny. As an aside, the example provided in the Canny post is not set to Repeat. If you set the trigger to Repeat in the Trigger Editor, then it will repeat
  • The Camera will now properly display Post Processing v2 effects in the viewfinder and images taken. Reported via Canny
  • Fixed an issue causing notifications to stick if no action was taken on them
  • Fixed an issue which caused Jaw Flap Bone to stop working properly
  • Fixed an issue with using multiple clients (with different accounts) on the same machine. This should work now! Reported via Canny twice, apparently
    • However, you can no longer use multiple instances of the same account in the same instance

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