VRChat 2019.2.2

May 15, 2019



  • Networked IK is back! Your IK is now calculated locally and the results are transmitted to remote clients. This means that IK is now a lot more performant!
    • You may notice that IK acts a little differently as a result-- we're paying close attention to these changes and will tune the Networked IK system as needed
    • To be clear, "IK" is "inverse kinematics", and is how your avatar's pose is calculated based on how your headset, controllers, and trackers are positioned and oriented. Those calculations are expensive! Now, you only do them for yourself and send the results to other users, instead of everyone doing everyone's calculations.
  • Several major optimizations to various systems
  • Added support for cross-platform content such as icons indicating what platforms an avatar/world supports
    • Icons will appear on the following content indicating platform compatibility:
      • World thumbnails
      • Portals
      • Avatar thumbnails (including pedestals)
      • User thumbnails indicating what platform they're currently on
      • "Clone Avatar" button
    • If you attempt to access content that isn't available for your platform, you'll receive a popup message informing you as such
  • Previous default avatars have been moved to a "Legacy" row
    • This may not happen immediately with release, but should happen soon after
  • New Featured avatars sourced from our Quest Featured Avatar program have been placed into the Featured row!
    • This may not happen immediately with release, but should happen soon after
  • Added new "utility" avatars that appear in certain error or info conditions such as an avatar not being available for your platform
  • Changed to a new "loading" avatar


  • Updated video helper binaries
  • Debug info hotkey combo changed from Menu/Application key to Right Shift+Backquote


  • Safety and Security fixes
  • Fixed an issue that caused users to inadvertently end up in the #1 instance of a world in various disconnect cases
  • Some additional fixes to assist with missing notifications
  • Holoport fixes
    • Now ignores the "Water" layer and user layers (all layers rendered below "reserved4", or layers 22-31) as walkable layers
  • Resolved memory leak issues with menu caching too aggressively
  • More voice handling optimization
  • More UI/menu optimization
  • More nameplate optimization
  • More Holoport optimization



  • Added links to the splash screen leading users to our Quest documentation
  • Added Quest shaders to SDK, available under "VRChat" category.
    • Quest will only support these shaders on avatars. If you use any other shader, you'll get a warning in the SDK. If you try to use the shader anyways, it will fail to load in the client.
    • You can read more about these shaders in our documentation
  • Added warnings when attempting to use unsupported shaders on Quest
  • Added errors when you attempt to upload content too large for Quest (50mb for worlds, 10mb for avatars). Build size is determined after package is created. This will also be enforced in-client for Quest


  • Updated splash screen changelogs

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