VRChat 2019.2.3

Release - Build 791 - June 5, 2019



  • Valve Index Controller Support! - We now have first-pass support for the upcoming Valve Index Controllers, including finger tracking! Ensure that you are using the default mapping for Index Controllers in the SteamVR Settings > Controller Binding > VRChat menu. Check out our documentation on the Valve Index control scheme here. We've also got a post about our Index Controller support that you can find on our blog.
    • Keep in mind that this support is an "interim" step, and we've reserved a lot of controller space for future features. As we stated in our Dev Stream, we're continuing to work towards a new UX for things like emojis, emotes, gestures, and other avatar features.
    • Important: If you do not change to the default Valve Index Controller binding for VRChat available in the SteamVR Settings > Controller Binding > VRChat menu, you will run into issues! We have set these bindings as the default, but Steam is taking a while to propagate these changes
    • If your default binding is still called "VRChat - Knuckles", look in the Community binding list for "5% Squeeze Release" towards the bottom, with the description "Official VRChat Bindings..." This is the correct binding to use.
    • The default bindings are called "VRChat Bindings for Index (Grip Release)", which refers to the method used to pick up objects. There is an alternate binding called "VRChat Bindings for Index (Open Hand Release)" which uses your fingers on your capsense to pick up objects instead. Try both to see which you like more. Read more about these two bindings in our Valve Index Controllers documentation
    • You can also adjust many settings in the SteamVR Controller Bindings menu, including the required strength for grip. Tune these settings if you feel like things are a bit off
    • There is currently a bug on the SteamVR Beta branch that causes the Controller Binding menu to malfunction. You can access the settings by opening this page in your browser with SteamVR running. You can also just swap back to SteamVR's release branch
    • If you have any feedback regarding our Valve Index Controller support, please post on our Valve Index Controller Feedback Canny board!
  • Gesture Toggle Button - This is only enabled for Valve Index controllers at this time. Press in your left thumbstick to Toggle Gesture overrides on and off. An indicator will appear on your screen showing that Gesture Toggle has been turned on or off
    • Gesture Toggle On IconGesture Toggle On IconGesture Toggle On - Fingers will move with Valve Index controller inputs. In addition, if your gesture matches one of the hand poses you have set a Gesture Override to, it will play that animation on your avatar. However, your hand pose will remain as it is input from the controller
    • Gesture Toggle Off IconGesture Toggle Off IconGesture Toggle Off - Fingers will move with Valve Index controller inputs. Your Gesture Overrides will not play
    • Example: You have a Gesture Override that changes "RockNRoll" to a closed fist and a set of blendshapes.
      • With Gesture Toggle On, you must hold the "RockNRoll" hand gesture on your controller (Index finger and pinky finger up, with thumb, middle, and ring finger down) to perform the gesture. Your animation on the face will play, but your hand will remain in the "RockNRoll" gesture pose, retaining finger pose state
      • With Gesture Toggle Off, no Gesture Override will play and your hand will remain in the "RockNRoll" pose
    • If you Gesture Toggle while holding a hand pose that triggers an animation override, that override will remain on until you Gesture Toggle again
  • Added an Advanced Settings Menu button in the Settings menu. This currently contains information on your current cache size, as well as a button to clear your cache. You can also reset your cached settings and preferences in this menu


  • Changed placeholder avatar for when an avatar is not available on your platform. It now displays the avatar image thumbnail on the chest of the avatar, so users on other platforms can have an idea of what the avatar looks like
  • Debug info hotkeys can now be set in the Unity Settings Window, which is accessed by holding Shift while launching VRChat. By default, you access this debug info by pressing RightShift + Backquote + Number, but you can change RightShift and Backquote to any other listed two keys. You can also set them to the same button, if you only want to use one button as the modifier
  • Added "loading screen overlays" for the SteamVR and Oculus platforms that will appear instead of a black screen while loading content
  • When viewing a portal that leads to a world that doesn't support your platform, a red ring and graphic will display indicating that it isn't accessible to you
  • Documentation - Large portions of the VRChat Documentation have been rewritten or revised


  • Further fixes to notifications not being received
  • Fixes for connection timeouts and "loading loops"
  • Some changes to improve connection durability
  • Fixes for issues with the Camera
  • Fixed an issue preventing moderation tools (warn, kick, etc) from working properly
  • Fixed an issue where audio source limit per-scene was set too low. If you're experiencing this issue, the world or an avatar has too many audio sources playing at once
  • Fixes for audio issue where voice slows down or gets crackly in certain situations


This section is new! If something is in the Ongoing section of our patch notes, we're calling out that we are actively continuing work on the system and expect to have further work in near-future releases. This isn't a hard rule, however-- many of our systems (like new features) will almost certainly require ongoing work. If a feature isn't listed in here, it doesn't mean that it is done.

  • Safety and Security fixes
  • Significant changes to Networked IK to improve latency, precision, delay, and resolve other issues

Known Issues

  • Rarely in populated instances, a single user will appear "stuttery" as if their IK update is very low. This persists until the user rejoins. If you experience this, please make a Canny post on the Bug Reports board with both the local and remote user logs-- in other words, the output logs from your POV (the observer) and the problem user's POV (the "stuttery" person)



  • Added a VRChat/Mobile/Standard Lite for use on Oculus Quest avatars
    • Standard Lite offers slots for Diffuse, Normal maps, Metallic+Smoothness maps, and optional Emission maps
    • Uses a simplified version of BRDF for lighting
  • Added "Take Ownership of Action Objects" to VRC_Trigger. When checked, this option will tell the trigger to automatically take ownership of objects if the action requested requires it

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