VRChat 2019.2.4

Release - Build 801 - 18 June 2019



  • VRChat has been upgraded to Unity 2017.4.28f1! Please update your Editor! See Setting up the SDK for links for Unity Hub and direct-download installs
  • You can now block avatars based on their Performance Ranking! Choose your Minimum Avatar Performance Rank in the Performance Options menu in the Safety tab.
    • Depending on the level you set, avatars that rank worse than your setting will be hidden with a special placeholder avatar.
    • For PC, the default minimum rank is "Very Poor". No avatars will be hidden by default
    • For Quest, the default minimum rank is "Medium". "Poor" ranked avatars will not show unless you change the setting to "Poor". "Very Poor" avatars will never show on Quest
    • You can bypass this for individual users by using "Show Avatar" in your Quick Menu after selecting the user
  • You can now Save Searches for later use! These Searches will appear in your Worlds menu as new rows
    • Save a search by clicking "Save Search" in the top right after performing a search
  • Implemented updated Avatar Performance Ranking levels for Oculus Quest. See the stats for each performance rank in our Avatar Performance Ranking System doc
    • Because "Very Poor" avatars will never show on Quest, any avatar that goes above the limits given for "Poor" will not be displayed on Quest.
    • Short version: The default polygon limit on Quest is 7,500, optionally raise-able to 10,000 via the Minimum Performance Rank in the Performance Options menu
  • Attention Avatar and Game World authors: You can now define yourself as an avatar or game world! Simply use avatar or game as one of your tags, and you'll show up in the appropriate row
    • If your world is currently marked as an avatar or game world, the tag will be migrated appropriately
  • You can now use Account Link to link your Oculus account to your VRChat account, similar to how Steam users can link their account. Linking your Oculus account to your VRChat account will "merge" your account data into your VRChat account! Start the process in your Settings menu in the bottom right while logged into your Oculus account.


  • Thanks to the Unity upgrade, you can once again switch your microphone using the Settings menu!
  • Avatar Performance Ranking and Stats are now more accurate
  • Disabled objects and components are now counted in the Avatar Performance Stats readout. For example, if a Light is on an avatar but is disabled until it is enabled by an animation, it will still count towards the Performance Stats for that avatar, and therefore will affect its rank
    • As a result, the current Performance Rank of avatars that contain disabled components may decrease
  • Some Index controller refinements
    • Triggering Gesture Overrides no longer requires squeezing the grip, only posing your fingers
    • Your thumb now moves side-to-side depending on which thumb capsense sensor you touch (buttons, touchpad, thumbstick)
    • Default thumb pose tweaked slightly. If your min/max thumb pose is still off, try adjusting the min/max muscle limits as set in the Unity Rigging "Muscles & Settings" window
  • Prefab instantiation now has a "cooldown" period of one second per prefab per player
  • Changed the way that we obtain/retrieve rows in the Worlds tab to allow for easier, dynamic updating of row types, sorting, and other features
  • Removed the ability for Desktop users to set user height (as it has no effect)
  • Updated video helper binaries


  • Fixed a (very old) bug that prevented locomotion from cancelling emotes
  • Fixed a bug preventing Holoport from working while using Valve Index Controllers
  • Fixed a bug causing Touch controllers to display the wrong model when used in SteamVR
  • Fixed a bug preventing VRC_OscButtonIn from functioning properly
  • Fixed a bug preventing avatar rows from paginating properly
  • Fixed a bug causing odd offsets to occur during normal play while using Valve Index Controllers
  • Fixed an issue where a user using Desktop mode, launching VRChat from a desktop shortcut, and using a short avatar/setting user height too low would prevent use of the the menu/UI
  • Attention shader authors: The Unity 2017.4.28f1 upgrade fixed a bug with Unity where SV_IsFrontFace/VFACE was wrong when viewed in cameras or mirrors. If you were compensating for this bug (by flipping face normals when in a mirror, for example), things will now be broken and lighting will not behave properly. You'll need to update your shaders!
    • For users, this means you might have to update your shaders on your avatar if things look off in mirrors.
  • Fixed issue where a client restart was required to see an updated world.


  • Safety and Security fixes
  • Further iteration on Networked IK



  • Implemented Quest Avatar limits. If your avatar is ranked as "Very Poor", you will not be able to upload the avatar.
    • If you do upload an avatar beyond the "Very Poor" limits, it will not render in VRChat Quest regardless

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