VRChat 2019.3.1

Release - 22 August 2019 - Build 840



  • Greatly improved behavior for the Minimum Displayed Performance Rank system
    • Instead of blocking the whole avatar, the system now gracefully degrades avatar features depending on what component's limit is being passed
      • As an example, if an avatar has too many Lights on it, all Light components on the avatar will be removed
      • As before, your preference for the Minimum Displayed Performance Rank can be adjusted in Safety > Performance Options > Avatar Performance
      • Please read the detailed documentation for more info
  • Lots of fixes for the SDK, including a UI overhaul! Check out the section below for details


  • On all control schemes, "Grip" no longer triggers OnInteract. This means that on Rift / Rift S / Index, you can no longer sit in chairs or set off Interact triggers by using Grip. Use your controller's Trigger instead!
    • This was done to solve some UX issues, as well as to bring all control schemes into line
  • Calibrating Full-Body Tracking now requires pulling both triggers on all controller schemes. Previously Index would calibrate on both grips being squeezed
  • Updated required bindings version to invalidate older binds. This shouldn't affect your currently-used binding, but if you maintain an uploaded Community binding, you may have to upgrade your shared SteamVR binds!
  • Changed Announcement screen placeholder text to be a bit less keyboard-smashy (Feedback Item)
  • Avatar Performance Stat calculation for "Bounds" should no longer consider Trail or Line renderers in its calculation
  • Due to the above change, "Bounds" Avatar Performance Stat calculation can now push your avatar into "Very Poor" rank. However, the Minimum Displayed Performance Rank does not affect avatars as a result of Bounds size being exceeded, so avatars will never be blocked or modified due to Bounds size
  • Added a new loading screen interstitial to promote Two-Factor Authentication
  • Added an option in Settings to "Show Community Labs". If you disable this, you will not be shown Community Labs worlds in the Worlds UI
  • Added both VC2010 and VC2015 runtime prerequisites. These will be handled at install-time on whatever platform you're on
  • Further reduction of redundant or excessive logging
  • Updated video helper binaries


  • Greatly improved avatar loading time
  • Corrected issue where audio sources on avatars using certain custom curves would ignore the world's Far distance limit
  • Optimized behavior of physics syncing in some situations
  • Improved consistency between LODBias for Desktop and VR clients for LODGroups (Bug Report)
  • Fixed various issues with the "Back" button not working as expected
  • Fixed a memory leak issue with VRC_Panorama
  • Fixed an issue with Quest where the Terms of Service would not properly load in rare situations
  • Fixed an issue with ban message not appearing for some users
  • Fixed an issue where Index controller wireframes would sometimes get stuck in user's hands
  • Fixed an issue where bounds size was incorrectly calculated when Unity scale was not set to 1.0


  • Safety and Security fixes
  • Further iteration on Networked IK is occuring in closed testing

Known Issues

  • There are some known issues with the SDK layout. In particular, there are problems:
    • ... when the Control Panel is docked
    • ... when using a resolution lower than 1080p
    • ... when viewing assets with excessively long names
  • We are planning on releasing some further fixes for the SDK within the coming days. For now, we recommend that users encountering layout issues do not dock the Control Panel UI, and instead use the window undocked/floating



  • UI overhaul for several parts of the SDK! We plan on iterating on this further
  • VRC_Pickup now has text fields for Interaction text and Use text. Interaction text appears when you hover over the pickup, and Use text appears when an Equippable object is equipped/grabbed
  • VRC_SceneDescriptor Dynamic Material properties are cleared and regenerated upon each scene build instead of building up on previous entries (Bug Report
  • Removed the ability to change API to "Beta", as it is currently not in use
  • Added dropdown toggles and a search field for the Content Manager panel
  • If spatialization is turned off for a VRC_SpatialAudioSource, always use the Audio Source's curve
  • "Auto-spatialize Audio Sources" is now deprecated and defaults to False
  • Changed VRC_Chair prefab to use the VRChat Mobile Diffuse shader by default
  • Added seperate warnings and fixes for ONSP conversion and when no VRC_SpatialAudioSource is present
  • Added a check for 2D vs 3D audio, and use that result to determine if we should enable spatialization


  • VRCWorld prefab had an extraneous VRC_EventHandler removed (Bug Report)
  • Resolved an issue where VRC_Pickup did not properly use the Use text
  • Resolved an issue where running a custom trigger action on a disabled object would result in a NullReference exception
    • As a side-note: Per Unity's established behavior, VRC_Triggers on disabled GameObjects do not run their per-frame updates. As such, we do not support Triggers on disabled GameObjects performing actions.
  • Fixed an issue where a Trigger with a Null receiver would target itself
  • Fixed an issue where EditorOnly tag was ignored when applied to objects on avatars. It is no longer ignored, and objects on avatars with the EditorOnly tag are now ignored on upload
  • Removed extraneous error from SDK when Upper Chest was mapped on an avatar
  • Resolved an issue where the SDK would cause lag hitches due to waiting on extraneous API calls
  • Fixed an issue where VRC_Trigger's randomize function could lock up the Editor
  • Fixed an issue with using the default VRC_Station prefab in the SDK's examples where it would throw naming warnings
  • Fixed an issue where the SDK may not work properly when operating in filesystems that are not case-agnostic
  • Fixed several issues where having the SDK's Build Control Panel open would cause intermittent lag/hitching in Editor
  • Fixed an issue where some Trigger actions were missing when used alongside a VRC_Station component on the same GameObject
  • Fixed an issue where the image thumbnails in the SDK were too dark
  • Fixed an issue where world details would not be cleared in SDK Builder panel if Blueprint ID was detached in Scene Descriptor component
  • Fixed an issue where network events would not work on objects named with Korean characters (or other extended character sets)

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