VRChat 2019.3.2

Release - 18 September 2019 - Build 860



  • When in Full-Body Tracking mode, the Sit/Stand button converts to a Calibrate button
  • Pressing this button clears the calibration, reloads the current avatar, and prompts for a fresh calibration
  • Lots of tuning to Full-Body Tracking in general. Check out the Fixes section to learn more
  • Due to these changes, some "Full-body Hacks" may cause issues. See the Known Issues section to learn more


  • The Upper Chest now moves more naturally, as opposed to previous behavior where it would not rotate in an expected manner
  • Content uploaded with versions greater than what VRChat supports (as of 2019.3.2, Unity 2017.4.28f1) will not load in the client. Worlds will be inaccessible, and avatars will be replaced by a placeholder, unless there is a previous version available that is compatible


  • Full-Body Tracking: Improved behavior of viewpoint in various situations. Your headset's viewpoint should now more reliably track to your avatar viewpoint
  • Full-Body Tracking: Several other smaller tweaks to improve behavior during calibration and usage
  • When looking down, neck bending should behave more naturally when compared to previous behavior
  • Fixed an issue where very small avatars would not be able to see the Avatar Performance Stats text
  • Fixed an issue where Reporting a user could result in a NullRef and error despite the Report still sending
  • Fixed an issue where the Voice Cone calculation was incorrect


  • Safety and Security fixes
  • Further iteration on Networked IK is occuring in closed testing

Known Issues

  • Avatars that utilize "Full-body Hacks" such as flipped hips, extra leg bones, zero-length or unweighted necks, or other similar changes may encounter undocumented behavior. We recommend against the use of these types of changes, as they will cause problems during future updates to the Full-Body Tracking system. For ensuring your avatar's rig is ready for full-body usage, please consult the Full-Body section of our Rig Requirements and the Full-Body Tracking system guide.



  • Fixed an issue where user-defined dynamic prefabs would be wiped from the VRC_SceneDescriptor during scene building

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