VRChat 2020.1.1p1

Release - 3 Apr 2020 - Build 916



  • Fixed: Joining a hard-capped instance locks you in a black screen until client restart
  • Fixed: Menu soft-locks when reporting content
  • Fixed: Content rows turn invisible while scrolling when they have a large number of items
  • Fixed: Hips not locked in place on stations/seats
  • Fixed: VRC_SyncVideoPlayer and VRC_SyncVideoStream components do not work properly in some rooms


Creator Action Necessary

If you are a world creator who has uploaded a new or updated world since the 2020.1.1 release, please read the following instructions carefully.

If you have uploaded a new version of your world with the new SDK released with 2020.1.1 and it contains VRC_SyncVideoPlayer or VRC_SyncVideoStream components, you will need to follow these steps:

  1. Update your SDK from the VRChat Home website, following the steps given in Updating the SDK.
  2. Open your world project and scene
  3. For every component that is a SyncVideo or which has a Trigger that references one:
    Change any value in the component and then change it back to its previous value
  4. Save your scene
  5. Reupload
  • Fixed: Users in Ask Me status get told to ask the instance owner to invite friends who request invites from them even though they can invite people directly
  • Fixed: Issues with Battle Discs world
  • Updated: Video helper binaries
  • Various adjustments to networking to improve usage and behavior
  • Various adjustments to reduce hitching and frame drops
  • Safety / Security Fixes

Known Issues

  • Some users may experience problems connecting to VRChat with certain specific hardware or OS setups
  • Some users may experience frame drops when opening the Quick Menu, selecting another user, and then moving their selection laser to other users
  • Using vrchat:// launch links may cause issues with Oculus controllers while using SteamVR. Work around this by making sure SteamVR is running before using the launch link.



  • Fixed: Misc Udon compiler issues

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