VRChat 2020.1.1p2

Release - 9 Apr 2020 - Build 918



  • Fixed: Random, common crashes with no error or output log
  • Fixed: Degraded avatar load speed and frame "hitches" while loading complex avatars
  • Fixed: Private avatars/worlds cannot be removed from favorites list
  • Fixed: Synced objects between PC and Quest do not work in some situations
  • Fixed: Presentation Room not functioning properly
  • Fixed: Various issues with sprite packing
  • ... which means that the infamous "red dot" on the loading screen is no more! 🥳
  • Fixed: Issue with setSyncType Trigger on VRC_SyncVideoStream players
  • Fixed: Generic avatars do not animate remotely while locomoting
  • Some tweaks made to reduce potential for crashes on Oculus Quest
  • Networking values have been tweaked to improve the function of some pickups (such as drawing pen prefabs)
  • Further networking tweaks to help with aligning player IK and trigger timing
  • Some tweaks to memory management to improve usage on all platforms
  • Video helper binaries updated
  • Safety and security changes

Known Issues

  • Some users may experience problems connecting to VRChat with certain specific hardware or OS setups
  • Using vrchat:// launch links may cause issues with Oculus controllers while using SteamVR. Work around this by making sure SteamVR is running before using the launch link.



  • VRCSDK2: Fixed bug with teleport player and onAvatarHit resulting in odd behavior


  • Combined SDK3 Prefabs and Udon Examples into a new "VRChat Examples" folder in the root.
  • Added a new Prefabs example scene with common World Settings (jump, run/walk speed), an avatar pedestal, and a mirror toggle button
  • Some other updates and additions to SDK examples
  • Udon can no longer access built-in Unity primitive meshes. If you need to access meshes directly, import your own copy as an FBX or other asset in your project
  • Udon: Security improvements

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