VRChat 2020.2.1

Release - 12 May 2020 - Build 926



  • Replaced the "extender" button on the camera with a Lock button. This button locks the camera into player space (so it will move with you) and prevents it from being accidentally grabbed until the camera is unlocked


  • Improvements to mirror performance
  • Improved station behavior, stabilized viewpoint position when moving in stations
  • System specifications and application version are now logged in the output log


  • Fixed: Camera lens indicator sometimes doesn't appear on/for other players
  • Fixed: Nameplates are cutting off an extra character after 2020.1.1 update


  • Safety and Security fixes

VRCSDK3 + Udon and VRCSDK2

  • Improved visibility of platform compatibility in the Builder window
  • Added a button to swap platforms in the Builder window
  • Added information on current platform compatibility in the Builder window

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