VRChat 2020.2.3

Release - 17 June 2020 - Build 944



  • Implemented an automatic update system for video helper binaries
    • VRChat will check for updates to these files upon start. If a new version is detected, it will be downloaded and installed automatically
    • This will permit much faster updates to these files, and allow us to fix video playback more quickly


  • General improvements to VRChat Udon performance at runtime
  • Updated bundled content, lowering base installer size
  • Quality of life changes to login flow


  • Fixed: Avatar stations do not work unless enabled by an animator
  • Fixed: Mic toggles on/off when pressing Ctrl-V
  • Fixed: User voice issues when in moving stations
  • Fixed: User voice does not emit from the head of the avatar in some situations


  • Safety and security fixes

Known Issues

  • When spawning into a world, newly joining players will appear at world origin for a moment before teleporting to spawn
  • Camera does not take an image when holding camera object and pulling trigger

VRCSDK3 + Udon and VRCSDK2


  • Udon: Added support for many more methods that use out parameters


  • Fixed: When locally testing with multiple clients, clients will not be in the same instance
  • Fixed: Inconsistent behavior with the execution of SDK2 broadcast events for late joiners
  • Fixed: Inconsistent behaviour for Owner and Master SDK2 broadcast events
  • Fixed: Various bugs with Animator Sync state syncing
  • Fixed: Inconsistent behavior with SDK2 triggers on Object Instantiator template objects that are disabled at start and enabled after cloning
  • Fixed: Unable to set components on existing struct types

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