VRChat 2020.3.1

Release - 16 July 2020 - Build 956



  • Performance improvements made to logging
  • Small adjustment to in-app moderation messages
  • AVPro is now disabled when using VRChat on Linux via SteamPlay/Proton
    • This should enable fairly stable VRChat usage on Linux via Proton! We don't officially support Linux as a platform just yet, but we hope this will hold you over 🐧


  • Fixed a local date format issue that caused issues when creating an account in countries with different date formats


  • Safety and security fixes

Known Issues

  • When spawning into a world, newly joining players will appear at world origin for a moment before teleporting to spawn



  • The SDK now checks to see if your avatar has been imported with incorrect blendshape normal import settings. If it is incorrect, it will prevent upload until you fix it. An "Auto Fix" button has been provided
    • This is done to help mitigate an issue where users are mistakenly importing models with blendshape normals set to "calculate", which causes mesh sizes to be very large in both download size and in-memory size
    • This check only runs on avatars. For worlds, you should ensure that any skinned meshes you're using are imported either using "Import" for blend shape normals, or you check on the "Legacy Blendshape Normals" option. If you don't, you are going to have inflated download/in-memory size!



  • A brand new Udon Node Graph! For a great overview, check out this awesome video by VRChat Developer MomoTheMonster
  • Many additions in the new Udon Node Graph:
    • Zoom
    • Variables Window
    • Groups
    • Drag and Drop GameObjects, Components and Variables
    • Search Improvements
    • Comments improved
    • Compiler Status Improvements
    • Overall Styling
  • New Udon Operator Nodes:

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