VRChat 2020.3.2p1

Release - 7 August 2020 - Build 970



  • AV3 avatars that don't customize their avatar expressions will automatically be provided with the "standard" avatar emotes, assuming the avatar follows these conventions:
    • All blend shapes are assumed to be on a Skinned Mesh named Body
    • eyes_closed used in the proxy_eyes_die, proxy_eyes_shut, proxy_eyes_open animations
    • The proxy_eyes_die animation is meant to be played simultaneously with the proxy_die animation for transforms (which is in the default Action layer)
    • mood_happy mood_surprised mood_sad mood_angry are in a blend tree using the VRCFaceBlendH and VRCFaceBlendV parameters for a Two-Axis Puppet menu
  • Added a new dedicated camera shutter sound when taking photos


  • Fixed an issue where AV2 avatars using the female animation set were using the male set instead
  • Fixed an issue where VRC_SpatialAudioSource was incorrectly being removed from avatars
  • Debug menu now correctly reports Mouth and Jaw tracking state
  • Fixed some issues with avatar file size display being incorrect
  • Fixed an issue where some component types were missing from Avatar Performance Stats and Performance Rank calculation
  • Fixed some issues with user view height encountered when using Seating/Standing toggle


SDK3 - Worlds

  • Made Build Callbacks work with Build & Test (Hi Merlin!)

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