VRChat 2020.3.2p2

Release -13 August 2020 - Build 974

Thank you for all the Avatar 3.0 feedback! We've been working on some refinements to the Action Menu and its controls. We've also included some IK updates and general bug fixes. Expect another patch early next week with the ability to bind controls and one-handed navigation-- check after the patch-notes for more info!



  • We have published default bindings for Valve Index, Oculus Touch, Windows Mixed Reality, and Vive Wands to the SteamVR platform. To use these, switch your controller binding to Default in SteamVR settings
  • We've improved our world search technology to deliver more relevant results. We will continue to enhance search over the next few weeks


  • Emotes have been added back to the Quick Menu for AV2 avatars
  • The Emote menu shows some additional dialog indicating that it has been moved when using an AV3 avatar
  • Emote Menu has a button to quickly open the Action Menu

Action Menu

  • Action Menu "root" has been named "Home", and has been simplified into Options, Expressions, and Emojis
  • Close button removed from Action Menu Home
    • To close the Action Menu, either press the Quick Menu button or your binding for Action Menu again
    • This is to help simplify the UX of opening/closing the action menu and the "Home"
    • This also makes it easier to close the Action Menu and open it back up where you left off
  • Gesture Toggle moved to Options section. See the note at the end of the patchnotes regarding upcoming rebinding system
  • Mic Mute added to Options section of Action Menu
  • Puppet menus can now be exited with the Quick Menu button
  • Added shortcut: Short-press the Quick Menu button to close the Action Menu
  • Added tooltip to Action Menu to indicate that you can close it by pressing the Quick Menu (or "Menu") button. You can also close it by pressing your binding for Action Menu again
  • Closing the Action Menu and re-opening it will open the page you previously had open
  • Pressing down on the right Vive Wand touchpad no longer opens the Action Menu. Open the Action Menu on Vive by holding down the Quick Menu button

Avatars / IK

  • Crouching and Prone in 3-point tracking should track the head much better. Leaving Crouch pose should leave the standing pose a bit nicer now (it was leaning forward a bit before, causing problems like standing on tip-toes and misaligned head during Seated Play)
  • Full-Body Tracking should not track the head during locomotion to avoid leg dragging and other issues
  • Improved sitting height measurement when swapping from Standing to Seated play
  • Sped up playback and transition of jump landing


  • Added missing emojis to Action Menu
  • Fixed an issue where hands felt like they were slightly off-angle
  • Sitting in a station now properly clears parameters Grounded, VelocityX/Y/Z, and AngularY


SDK3 - Avatars

A new SDK3-Avatars package is available on the VRChat Home site. Remember to perform an in-place upgrade per the instructions in our documentation. Not doing so will result in the loss of avatar setup data!

  • Various cleanups done to all example motion animations to improve and smooth blending and to implement fixes from the Client section into the example controllers
  • Example animation controllers updated to account for various changes. If you based your controller off the example controllers, you'll have to rebuild your controller to get the benefit of the changes

We plan on releasing another patch within the next week that includes a simple method to choose between a few binding types or customize your bindings. Rebinding will be initially available for Oculus Touch and Valve Index controllers.

Using this, you should be able to bind Gesture Toggle, the Action Menu, Mute, and Jump to either lower button (A on Index, A/X on Oculus) or Joystick Click, or leave those buttons empty. Our default binding will not have actions on joystick click, and you will access your Action Menu via long-pressing the Quick Menu (or just "Menu") button. You can choose to customize this!

Of course, SteamVR users will still be able to customize their bindings via SteamVR, but will have to use a specific in-game binding to ensure no conflicts occur.

In addition, we plan on providing a method to locomote using a one-handed locomotion mode when you have one Action Menu open.

We will provide more details on these features once we get closer to releasing the patch! Keep an eye on our Discord for the most up-to-date information.

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