VRChat 2020.3.2p4

Release - 28 August 2020 - Build 982


We've recorded a short video going over the control and binding changes in this release. Check it out!


  • We have changed the default bindings for Oculus Touch and Valve Index controllers. Left and Right joystick click now has no action assigned. Access your Action Menu by long-pressing the Quick Menu button on either controller. Of course, you might want to change that, so...
  • We have added a "Bindings" button to the Settings menu!
    • When you click on this menu, you'll see the bindings for your current controller
    • Predefined Bindings: If you are using the Oculus Touch or Valve Index, you will get some alternate controller binding "Types" you can select from
    • Custom Bindings: You can also choose "Custom" and change the bindings and some other settings
      • On Oculus Touch, you can customize the A/X buttons and the joystick click-in on either hand
      • On Valve Index, you can customize the A buttons and the joystick click-in on either hand
      • You can assign the following actions: Gesture Toggle, Jump, Mute, Action Menu, None
      • "Use lighter grip for grabbing" only appears for Valve Index, and will reduce the grip "strength" required to grab and hold an object
      • "Hold Quick Menu for Action Menu" will enable or disable the ability to call up the Action Menu by holding down the Quick Menu button
    • If you are on SteamVR, you can select the "SteamVR" binding type if you want to use SteamVR Input to customize your controls!


Important Note!

If you want to use VRChat's "Type" bindings, you must use the Default bindings in SteamVR for VRChat.

If you want to use SteamVR to customize your bindings, you must use the "SteamVR" binding type.

In addition, because of these changes, you may want to reset your bindings to Default in SteamVR. If you already have SteamVR bindings set up a way you like them, you must set your Binding to "SteamVR"!

  • When using other controllers (including keyboard), you will get a graphic displaying the bindings and a message telling you that if you want to customize your bindings, you must use SteamVR controller configuration
  • Not all controllers have binding graphic images. We're working on adding more for the future
  • The HTC Vive Wand controller now has "hidden" bindings for Toggle Mute, Jump, and Gesture Toggle. This means you can customize these bindings and assign them via SteamVR controller configuration, if you wish
  • When opening the Action Menu on one hand, you can move around with the controls on your other hand!
    • A UI will appear on the other hand to assist with showing how to turn and move
    • There is an option in the Action Menu Config section to disable this feature


  • Adjustments to IK to further improve behavior, including fixes to the "hip snap" issue
  • "AFK Enabled" option in the Action Menu Config section renamed to "AFK Detection"
  • Improvements to loading speeds and memory usage in some situations


  • Fixed the "Zzz" emote missing from the Action Menu
  • Fixed an issue where the analog fist gesture was "blending" when it should not have been (AV2 and AV3)
  • Slightly relaxed height for desktop users to avoid standing on tiptoes
  • Fixed an issue where squat/wide-stanced avatars would have strange leg/foot behavior

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