VRChat 2020.3.3

Release - 18 September 2020 - Build 992



  • Added video players to SDK3, powered by Udon!
    • You can use our example Video Player for either the built-in Unity video player, or use AVPro to support live streams
    • You can use our example method for syncing, or build your own sync method
    • Check out the SDK3 section below for more details!
  • Added a button to the Settings menu called "Allowed Untrusted URLs" which bypasses the site whitelist (see below) for SDK3 video players
    • This will allow playback of a video hosted on any compatible source. The compatibility list is similar to SDK2
    • In the future, we will be adding a pop-up user consent to access web sources. This is being done to make it easier to play videos and will be used for other future components like dynamic web images
  • Added a site whitelist for SDK3 / Udon video players. If a video is requested and it is hosted on a site in the whitelist, it will play. This does not affect SDK2 video players.
    • If a video is hosted on a site that is not on the whitelist, it will not play, unless "Allow Untrusted URLs" is checked in Settings
    • With the example SDK3 video player, if the instance master has the whitelist on and a video is requested that is off-whitelist, it will not play
      • User-created video players may want to change sync ownership to whoever requested to video to avoid this issue
    • The service whitelist can be viewed in our documentation. This whitelist is temporary, and will be removed at a later date when a pop-up user consent is implemented
  • Added the ability for desktop users to rotate objects while holding them! While in Desktop mode, pick up an object, and:
    • Press I / K to adjust pitch of the held object (rotate along X axis)
    • Press J / L to adjust yaw of the held object (rotate along Y axis)
    • Press U / O to adjust roll of the held object (rotate along Z axis)
    • Roll the mouse wheel to move the object forward/back (translate along Z axis)


  • Significant improvements and fixes to displayed text, including fallback behavior for unsupported characters
  • Fixes made to portals, as well as general improvements to the world-join process
  • The VRChat link installer now saves the VRChat executable path to the registry
  • Fixed a bug affecting birth date entry during platform account (Steam, Oculus, Viveport) first-time login


  • Video players are now available in SDK3! Check out our Video Players documentation for more information
  • SDK3 no longer logs unnecessary warnings on Assembly Reload
  • Unity Timeline support! (No Udon control yet, but we're working to add it soon)
  • Some UI events have been disabled and will no longer work properly. To see the full list of accessible UI events, please see the UI Events documentation. This only affects SDK3 worlds.
  • Animation events are now being filtered. To see the full list of accessible animation events, please see the Animation Events documentation. This only affects SDK3 worlds.


We've added new nodes and events to handle player collision and haptic controller vibration! Momo has created a new video demoing both features and how to use them with an "Automatic Door" example.

  • New Events to detect collisions with Players. Check out our Player Collisions documentation and watch the video linked above for more information!
  • New PlayHapticEventInHand node for vibrating controllers without pickups. Check out the video linked above to learn more!
  • Udon Node output ports now show name if it's available
  • Fix for 10+ branches in Udon Graph halting the Compiler
  • Udon can now do Set Variable from Get Variable nodes
  • OnGUI removed from UdonBehaviours for better performance

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