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VRChat 2020.3.3p1

Release - 25 September 2020 - Build 994



  • SyncVideoStream should now auto-start properly
  • Remote user camera lens will now show up in the proper location
  • Avatars loaded from cache will now show their file size instead of 0MB
  • Some fixes to missing avatar file size on download
  • Fixed minor issue with loading local avatar files
  • Fixes for head tracking and wand input for Vive Focus
  • Fixed some networking problems on objects that are spawned as disabled
  • Various changes and fixes to reduce unnecessary error messages in logs
  • Fixed the program that enables VRChat launch links so it no longer appears each time VRChat is closed


  • Editor Play mode filtering has been restricted to SDK3
  • Added TextMeshPro and TextMeshProUGUI to set text via UI
  • Added RTSP, RTMP, RTSPT to the allowed schemes for video player URLs
  • Udon: Added error code to OnVideoError (InvalidURL, AccessDenied, PlayerError, RateLimited)

Updated 2 months ago

VRChat 2020.3.3p1

Release - 25 September 2020 - Build 994

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