VRChat 2020.4.1

Release - 27 October 2020 - Build 1004



  • Major improvements to your Social menu! Friend sync is live!
    • Friends and favorite friends lists should update instantly when your friends come online, change instances, and change status
    • The "in-room" Social list should update much more quickly
    • Fixed a few issues where users would not update information properly
  • An "ear" icon will now appear on users in the "In Room" Social display when they are receiving your audio and can hear you


  • Large amount of changes to improve performance and reduce overall CPU usage
  • Users on slow connections will no longer see others in the wrong avatar if they swap while the avatar is still downloading
Known Issues
  • Users currently in a station when joining a world may behave strangely

SDK3 - Worlds

  • Cinemachine has been whitelisted in VRChat, allowing for unprecedented control over cameras in your world! Check out the Unity feature page on Cinemachine for more details.
    • Cinemachine components have been whitelisted for SDK3 worlds
    • Added Udon control nodes for Cinemachine
  • Stations have had a major rework for SDK3, including full compatibility with SDK3 avatars. Check our VRC_Station documentation for more information


  • Added the Player Audio system to Udon, allowing creators to adjust the voice and avatar audio of individual users with Udon!
    • Udon can now control the Player Voice and Avatar Audio settings on individual players, like the audio override feature from SDK2
    • This can be used to create stages with louder audio, audience areas with lowered audio range, microphones that boost your voice when held/nearby, and more!
  • Node Graph: Simplified node names in search windows
  • Node Graph: Split node names to two lines in graph
  • UdonBehaviour.enabled and Animator.enabled exposed
  • UnityEngine.Rect exposed
  • PlayableDirector.time exposed. This enables sync and control for Timelines
  • VideoError Udon Nodes added for easier handling of errors

SDK3 - Avatars

  • New animator parameters available for Avatars 3.0! Please see the Avatars 3.0 documentation on Animator Parameters for more details
    • TrackingType - Returns a value depending on the tracking in use by the wearer
    • VRMode - Returns 1 if the wearer is in VR, 0 if the user is in Desktop mode
    • MuteSelf - Returns true if the wearer has muted their microphone, false if the wearer is not currently muted
    • InStation - Returns a value depending on if the avatar is in a station or not
    • AvatarVersion - Used for station animators. Returns a value depending on the version of the avatar worn by the user using the station.
  • Example / default animators no longer use "Write Defaults" in their states. Read our updated docs for more info


  • Stations have been adjusted to accommodate for AV3 avatars. New documentation is pending.
    • Please note: This does not fix "dance world" stations as they currently operate. The method that these worlds use is not supported and is non-optimal. The new station setup allows this kind of behavior, but you may need documentation (which again, is pending!) to get this working. We appreciate your patience!

SDK Fixes

  • Fixed Unity Video Player not handling more than one audio track
  • RTSP and RTSPT Video URL loading fixed

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