VRChat 2020.4.1p1

Release - 28 October 2020 - Build 1005



  • Tentative fix for issue where social menu/notifications stop receiving updates after a while
  • Fix for friends not displaying in menu correctly when in "active" state (using VRChat website but not in-app)
  • Fix for some cases where world info wasn't displayed correctly
  • A variety of fixes made to voice processing that should fix cases where you can't hear another user that is speaking
  • Tentative fix for still hearing users after blocking them
  • Fixed issue where local visemes would be slow/delayed in some cases
  • Fixes and improvements to IK, mostly in relation to crouching and auto-footsteps
  • Fixed issues that would occur when joining a world while someone was in a station
Known Issues
  • Some Avatars 3.0 animations will play repeatedly. We're very aware of these issues and are still working on them! Expect more patches soon, and we appreciate your patience.
  • While this is a same-server patch, there may be voice issues between versions. If you have issues, please update!
  • Newly-created AV3 avatars may not have visemes show up properly in the mirror. Working on this one as well!


  • Fixed issue where AV3 Playable Layers would be offset by 1
  • Fixed issue where AV3 avatar animation layers wouldn't work as expected

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