VRChat 2020.4.1p3

Release - 30 October 2020 - Build 1007



  • Fixed several issues related to undesired AV3 behavior such as repeating sounds, repeating animations
  • Fixed an issue causing the run-time Avatars 3.0 FX layer replacement to be incorrectly blank
  • Fixed an issue where newly created AV3 avatars did not have visemes appear in mirror properly sometimes
  • This fix went out last night in a server-side patch, but we'll list it here anyways: Made changes to voice chat infrastructure that should stabilize connections between users
Known Issues

These are the major issues we've already got tracked-- it isn't all of them, but we put some of them here to ensure you know about it and that we're working on it.

  • Interrupting an animation by changing avatars can cause problems
  • Avatars that use jawflap movement for speaking are not visible locally, but still work remotely

SDK3 - Avatars

Note regarding Write Defaults:
Here's some clarifications on this change. Before 2020.4.1, the SDK's example controllers had the setting "Write Defaults" enabled. This causes a lot of problems with things like stations and consistency between Playable Layers. We made the decision to change the example controllers to have Write Defaults disabled. In short, if your AV3 avatar has all of the slots for Playable Layers set to custom controllers, this change won't affect you.

However, if you leave the Playable Layer in the "button" state where it says "Default LAYERNAME", then the controller is replaced at run-time. This means that they are replaced with a layer that has Write Defaults off.

In short, if you want to have your avatar to have behavior that is durable through SDK and client changes, it is best to fill in all the slots for Playable Layers, even if you just use the SDK's example controllers provided in VRCSDK\Examples3\Animation\Controllers.

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