VRChat 2020.4.2

Release - 16 November 2020 - Build 1016



  • When avatars are blocked due to not having an asset available, performance, or other reasons, the "gray robot" should now scale down or up to the avatar's height
    • This scaling has upper and lower bounds-- as in, it will only grow/shrink to a certain point
  • Added support for Rich Presence in Discord and Steam!
    • Discord Rich Presence will display instance user count in your Discord status where appropriate, respecting your VRChat status and instance type
    • You can send VRChat instance invites to users through Discord if you are in a Public or Friends+ instance. You can post an invite link to a Invite or Invite+ instance if you are the instance owner
    • Steam Rich Presence will group Steam friends by instance, respecting status and instance type
    • You can right-click Steam friends and "Join Game" when appropriate
    • You can also right click friends on Steam and send them invites to your VRChat instance where appropriate. This needs testing, but should work!
    • Rich Presence can be disabled entirely by adding the item "disableRichPresence": true to your Configuration File
  • Added smoothed first-person camera mode for VR! Access it via your Camera menu. (Shout-out to RubberRoss for the suggestion!)
  • Replaced the "spiral" filter on the camera with a "local user only" alpha filter, so the camera will only show you! (Shout-out to Drumsy and many others for the suggestion!)


  • Miscellaneous updates have been made to better support Quest 2
  • A hardcoded particle limit for avatars has been enabled on Quest 1/2 to protect from malicious use. The settings match our recommended settings for the Avatar Particle System Limits system
  • Favorite avatars that are not supported on your current platform can now be removed
  • Some changes made to fix the FOV of screenshots taken in VR mode
  • Removed some unnecessary logging that made it difficult to share output logs


  • Fixes to local display of avatars that use jawflap
  • Fixes to properly display pending friend requests in the social menu
  • Fixed issues where root transform animations weren't working correctly with Valve Index hardware
  • Fixes made to avatar cloning. The "Allow Cloning" setting should be much more reliable and fast to update now

SDK3 - Worlds


  • Added support for various TextMeshPro hooks
  • Added SetStrafeSpeed, GetStrafeSpeed

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