VRChat 2020.4.3

Release - 3 December 2020 - Build 1026



  • Introducing VRChat Plus! If you'd like to support the continuing development of VRChat, you now have an option to do so by subscribing to VRChat Plus. In return, you'll get some cool new features, with more on the way! Read more at our blog post.
    • VRChat Plus costs US$9.99 per month, or US$99.99 per year.
    • VRChat Plus is available on the Steam platform. We are working towards implementing VRChat Plus on other platforms.
  • All VRChat players can now store up to 25 favorite avatars in their first avatar favorites row!
  • VRChat Plus Benefit - Active VRChat Plus Supporters have a total of 100 favorite avatars in four rows!
  • New nameplates with an updated design, new voice effect, automatic distance and name-length scaling, mode switching, and more!
    • Customize the appearance of your nameplates in the Quick Menu (under UI Elements) or in the Action Menu. Adjust the size, opacity, and display mode of the nameplates.
    • Switch to icon-only mode for a more compact look. Users with an icon will only show their icon, and users without an icon will show the first part of their name.
    • Revamped the friend icon to be more visible at range, and to get out of the way when you're close.
  • VRChat Plus Benefit - Active VRChat Plus Supporters will have the ability to add an icon to their nameplate!
    • This icon appears on the left side of your nameplate.
    • Take a picture in VRChat by selecting the User Icons button on the side of your Quick Menu and use it as your icon!
    • Upload an image of your own on the VRChat Home website!
    • Store up to 64 different icons and swap whenever you want for a fresh look!
  • VRChat Plus Benefit - Show off your support with a "VRChat Plus Supporter" indicator in your Social details.
    • When VRChat Plus goes Live, players who support us early on will receive a "VRChat Plus Early Explorer" badge in thanks! It will be visible in your Social details. This badge will only be available for a limited time.
  • VRChat Plus Benefit - Supporting VRChat via VRChat Plus will confer a small one-time boost to your Trust. You're supporting us, so we'll support you. This feature will not be live until VRChat Plus launches.
    • If you are a Visitor Trust Rank, it will boost you to New User, permitting uploading avatar and world content. If you are at or above New User, it will confer a small amount of Trust that may or may not increase your Trust rank. At ranks exceeding User, the trust boost is unlikely to change your Trust rank.


  • Added "VRC+" option to the main menu.
  • Added VRC+ menu section. When not a VRChat Plus Supporter, this page will list the VRC+ benefits and features. When viewing as a currently-active VRChat Plus Supporter, this page will list details of the subscription.
  • Added User Icon image to the Quick Menu. If you are a currently-active VRChat Plus Supporter, you can click the icon in the top right to take a new picture for your user icon. It will display your currently-chosen user icon.
  • Added User Icon management page, where you can select from your previously-uploaded icons. There is a limit of 64 icons. You can disable your icon by selecting the "blank" icon, which is displayed as the first few letters of your name.
  • Added UI to support taking an image in VRChat for your User Icon.
  • Added "User Icon" report reason for users.
  • Moved the "My Creations" row above the Favorites row in the Avatars menu.
  • VRChat Plus Benefit - Added three additional favorite rows for avatars. These rows will display the number of avatars saved in that row, and show the number of avatars in that row.
  • The Friend icon is no longer visible in Full mode when you're nearby. It will appear in Icon-only mode, and when you get far away from the nameplate. Friends are indicated by yellow names instead of the standard white color.
  • Trust Rank is no longer visible on nameplates by default. Open your Quick Menu to see the Trust Rank of a user.
  • Added User Icons to the Safety menu as a new category. If you choose to hide user icons for a specific rank, they will be obfuscated with a mosaic effect.
  • Avatar Favorite Groups are now collapsed further while empty.
  • Added VRCat to a bunch of places in the menu. They get lonely, give them a few clicks every so often!



  • Fixed Strafe Speed in default World Prefab
  • Fixed issue where example prefabs didn't have their programs attached
  • Fixed issue where Set Variable nodes would reset their in-line values

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