VRChat 2020.4.3p1

Release - 8 December 2020 - Build 1027



  • At player request, all players can now favorite their own private avatars!
    • Select one of your uploaded avatars in the Avatar menu and click Favorite
    • Avatars you've uploaded will have an icon indicating that it is your creation to differentiate them from your favorited public avatars
    • If you have VRChat Plus, you can use your additional avatar favorite rows to favorite your personal creations!
  • Added file size display (in megabytes) to avatar loading bar


  • Adjusted appearance of favorite avatar slots in VRC+ rows when the VRC+ subscription has lapsed


  • Fixed issues with user camera icon while using a camera in one-handed controller mode
  • The <, >, and * symbols should now display properly in nameplates

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