VRChat 2020.4.4

Release - 11 December 2020 - Build 1030



  • At player request, we've added volume sliders you can adjust for other users!
    • A new volume slider has been added to the Quick Menu. Click on someone's capsule to see and adjust their volume level.
    • You'll also see a small bar beneath the user volume settings. This indicates the user's current volume from their voice output. It'll adjust in real-time as you turn the user's volume up and down.
    • User volume settings persist for the current session. They reset when VRChat is restarted. (If you find yourself constantly adjusting someone, you might want to ask them to check their mic volume and settings!)
    • When the Quick Menu is open, the user volume will display below their name tag. These won't display if the player is muted, or if the player's volume is currently at 100%.
    • The Settings section of the Main Menu has an option to reset all stored volumes at once. This is disabled when no volumes have been modified.
  • The Settings section of the Main Menu now has a meter to show you how loud you sound through your current selected device! Local muting (as in, turning off your mic via VRChat) doesn't affect this, so you can test your mic without bothering others.
    • Your local nameplate (visible when you open your Quick Menu and look up) now shows the talking effect when you speak.
  • When a user's avatar is not visible due to the asset not being available for the platform you are on, the gray "proxy avatar" robot will now instead have a colored tint.
    • There are a number of geo and color variants of proxy avatars. When you change avatar, a proxy is assigned to that avatar and remains the same variant until you change avatars again
  • When a user's avatar is not visible due to the Avatar Performance Ranking System, the gray "proxy avatar" robot will have a slight colored tint.

Changes and Fixes

  • Tentative fix for master voice stutter
  • Various minor performance improvements. More on the way in the new year!
  • Fixed issues with the Upright parameter on remote players
  • Continued Safety and Security changes

Known Issues

  • Holoport may not work properly after changing worlds
  • Exiting the application may cause your avatar to stay in world for longer than intended
  • User volume setting may not persist correctly after avatar load or world change


  • Important: All events which have a name starting with underscore _ will be blocked from being triggered via the network. If you have custom events that start with an underscore, they will not fire via network calls anymore.
    • If you want to specifically prevent a method from being called over the network, use _ as the first character of the method name. Existing Udon / VRCSDK methods are reserved, so don't use those.
  • Exposed UseLowLatency for AVPro via Udon hooks
  • Fixed an issue with multiple entry points connecting to a For loop
  • Fixed assigning GameObjects to a public GameObject[] variable

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