Choosing your SDK

The VRChat SDK is how you create content for VRChat! Using the SDKs, you can use industry-standard tools to create avatar and world content.

You install the VRChat SDK using the VRChat Creator Companion!



Our SDK is called VRChat SDK3. It comes in two "flavors" - one for Avatars, and one for Worlds.

The VRCSDK3 Avatars package comes with Avatars 3.0, the latest avatar framework we offer for creation of both basic and advanced avatars with full customization. Check out Avatars 3.0 to learn more.

Use the VRChat Creator Companion to install the latest SDK.

VRCSDK3 Worlds comes pre-packaged with VRChat Udon for programming advanced actions. To learn more about Udon, check out our Udon section in this documentation.

You can import both, although you should only import whichever one you're using. For some advanced things (like messing with complex animators with state behaviors in VRC_Stations) you'll need to import both.

Open Beta

Are you testing an Open Beta build? The SDKs for the Open Beta are only available on our Discord.

Check the last post in the #open-beta-info for the latest SDK download links. Sometimes, we may push SDK updates via the Creator Companion. We'll provide instructions when this happens.

Legacy SDK3 - Deprecated

The VRChat Legacy SDK3 is deprecated. It is not actively developed. Do not use it!

Before the introduction of the VRChat Creator Companion, VRChat's SDK3 extracted itself directly into your Assets folder (i.e. Assets\VRCSDK). This is known as the Legacy SDK3.

To update the SDK of an old Legacy SDK project, please migrate your project with the Creator Companion.

If your project uses an outdated version of the Legacy SDK3, you may need to update to our last Legacy SDK3 release first:


VRChat SDK2 - Deprecated

VRCSDK2 is deprecated. It is not actively developed. Do not use it!

SDK2 does not have access to Udon or Avatars 3.0.

If you are creating new content, you need to use VRCSDK3 instead.

We currently still provide the SDK2 download for users for maintaining legacy content. It will be removed from download starting in Febuary 2023.


Don't Cross the Streams!

Do NOT import VRCSDK3 and VRCSDK2 into the same project! They are not compatible and your project will become broken or produce unexpected results.

Migration Between VRChat SDK2 and VRChat SDK3 is Unsupported

If you have VRCSDK2 content and want to move it to VRCSDK3 (or vice versa), it is best if you start from "scratch." You should import your assets into a new project and then re-add all of the VRChat functionality. SDK components will not migrate.

Community-created tools exist that permit migration from SDK2 to SDK3. Your mileage may vary!