Supported Scripted Assets

You can use certain external assets that use scripts in VRChat worlds.

To see a list of precise components permitted in VRChat worlds, please see Whitelisted World Components.

"Dynamic Bone applies physics to character's bones or joints. With simple setup, your character's hair, cloth, breasts or any part will move realistically."


Important Note

Do not over-use Dynamic Bones. They are exceptionally hard on the computer processor. You should aim to have as few objects/bones animated using Dynamic Bones as possible. See Avatar Optimization Tips for more info.

"The final Inverse Kinematics solution for the game developer. "

Only available in SDK2 worlds.

"PhysSound is a system for playing audio based on physics interactions between objects, greatly increasing the realism (and satisfaction) of Unity's physics."

Post Processing Stack v2

Import from Package Manager.

We strongly suggest checking out Silent's Post Processing guide for more info and best practices.


Important Note

Do not import the Test folder when importing the package. It will cause script errors which will prevent you from uploading the world.

"Post-processing is the process of applying full-screen filters and effects to a camera’s image buffer before it is displayed to screen. It can drastically improve the visuals of your product with little setup time."

TextMesh Pro

"TextMesh Pro is the ultimate text solution for Unity. It's the perfect replacement for Unity's UI Text & Text Mesh."

As of Unity 2018, TextMesh Pro is a built-in component to Unity.