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Used to store the ID of a world or avatar.


Added Automatically

This component is added automatically when the component it depends on is added to an object. You should not need to add this component manually.



Blueprint ID

The unique id for the avatar or world

If you want to upload the world or avatar to a different blueprint you can press the Detach (Optional) button


Required Blueprint Format

Blueprint IDs can only be of the following format where 0 is replaced with [0-9] [a-f]:


Any other ID format will not be accepted. This is normally done automatically, so you shouldn't ever have to create your own Blueprint ID-- just click "Attach" and one will be generated for you.

If you have a blueprint id that you want to upload to you can attach a new one with the Attach (Optional) button



Don't have more than one PipelineManager in the scene when building a world! You may end up uploading to the wrong blueprint ID.

Updated about a year ago


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