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Video Player Whitelist

The following services are on the video player whitelist.

If a service is not on this list, it will not play unless "Allow Untrusted URLs" is checked in Settings.


The example video player in the SDK will not handle cases in which the master has "Untrusted URLs" disabled, which will result in videos being unable to play. User-created video players may want to modify the Udon code to give sync ownership to the user requesting the video.

Whitelisted Services

The services listed below are inherently trusted and are permitted with our default URL whitelist. The resource being accessed (as in, the URL you enter into/use in the video player) must reside in the service domain listed next to the service name. This means that short-links may not work!


The listings below do not constitute partnerships or endorsements.

Service Name

Service Domain



Google Drive

You may run into bandwidth limitations

Facebook Video









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Video Player Whitelist

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